About us

Who we are, what we offer

Our history

In 2007, a group of independent professionals created Lmental Sostenibilitat i Futur, an environmental consulting company. Our intention was to join and create a strong team, able to cover a wider range in our field by complementing our areas of expertise. Since then, we work with enthusiasm and rigor so that each project is an opportunity for improvement and further learning. We currently a company that offers a full range of services and environmental and territorial projects, with a clear focus on our client’s needs.

Our philosophy: Projects with principles

Lmental is a working cooperative, and this largely defines our way of approaching projects. Our structure is horizontal, so all decisions are taken through consensus and dialogue. We execute our projects based on a collaborative philosophy (we all participate to some extent), which enables everyone to contribute their knowledge to the job. This also allows us to be highly adaptable when it comes to coming up with solutions to any project. We firmly believe that unity is strength: Som Cooperativa!


We are an environmental consulting agency that develops strategies, projects and innovative instruments to advise government administrations, companies, and individuals who wish to adapt to the current environmental requirements.


We want to be an indispensable reference for those seeking future solutions to environmental problems, creating value through innovative management instruments and techniques.


Innovation, quality, sustainability and a comprehensive approach are the four principles that conduct all our work. We believe that each project is an opportunity to grow and learn.

Our Team

We are a team of young, multidisciplinary and highly qualified professionals; we offer our talent and absolute commitment to provide the best solution in each case for our customers. We are 3 main partners that contribute and supervise through our knowledge and experience all projects:

Environmental Legal Technician

Iván González

Holds a Law Degree, a Master’s in Public Management and Sustainable Development and is a Specialist in environmental education, audits and environmental management systems. He has worked as a legal consultant for environmental public administrations and companies for more than 10 years.

Environmental Technician

Sergio Puyol

Holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science, Agricultural Engineering and a Master’s in Project Management (MPM). He has worked as an environmental technician for various companies and administrations for over 8 years.

Tourisma an Territory Technician

Raúl Castillo

Holds a Degree in Geography, a Master’s in Cartography and GIS, and a Master’s in Geomatics and Tourism Destination Planning Specialization. He has worked on multiple territorial planning and tourism analysis projects, as well as in the field of Technology and Geographic Information Systems (T-GIS).

In addition to the main partners, we have a network of collaborative partners who work with us periodically, allowing us to take on any kind of project. Some of our main collaborators follow:

  • Abraham Calero: Oceanographer expert on coastal management, marine species and public environmental governance.
  • Carmen Gallego: Publicist expert in direction and management of companies and media groups.
  • Eugenio Sanchis: Geographer expert in geodesy and mapping, local development, corporate social responsibility and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).
  • Jaime Payeras: Economist expert in International Business and Marketing Management.
  • Thomas Sjödin: Programmer and web developer expert in digital arts, multimedia, 3D animation and image synthesis.