What do we do


We offer full environmental assessment (legal, technical, communicational and participation) through innovative strategies, projects and instruments, providing solutions that improve our environment, our client’s environmental quality standards, and the perception and co-responsibility of each citizen.

Our goal is to improve and facilitate environmental planning and management for public and private entities, providing the right tools for more environmental structures, processes, performance and projection.


We offer expert legal advice on environmental issues. We make sure environmental legislation is accessible for our customers, serving as a support system to improve their environmental performance.



  • Activity projects, feasibility studies, business plans.
  • Authorizations, licenses and permits, registrations and legalization procedures.
  • Assessment and processing of grants and subsidies.
  • Audits and legal reports: waste, emissions, water, mobility.
  • Registrations and updating standards for ISO 14001 and EMAS.
  • Ordinances and regulations, regulatory impacts, collaboration agreements.


We carry out technical, environmental and agricultural projects to meet the needs of public administrations, companies and other entities that wish to adapt to current environmental and sustainability requirements.



  • Agricultural assessment: processing of grants, official records.
  • Planning and management of natural areas, protected areas, ports, beaches, coasts.
  • Plans, programs and projects for environmental management: waste, air emissions, water resources, mobility.
  • Environmental management systems ISO 14001 and EMAS, life-cycle assessment, product declarations.
  • Geo-referenced databases and application of Geographical Information Systems (GIS).


We offer audits and legal expert’s reports, as well as all types of environmental and territorial studies.



  • Contaminación de suelos: Informe Preliminar de Situación.
  • Scientific and technical studies and reports on sustainability and environmental management.
  • Diagnostics and auditing: environmental management systems, energy, water, waste.
  • Soil contamination: Preliminary Status Report.
  • Air pollution: carbon footprint, emissions inventory, voluntary agreements.
  • Legal expert’s reports: environmental and agricultural expertise.
  • Landscape integration studies, flora and fauna inventories.
  • Property measurements and boundaries.
  • CRS (corporate social responsibility) reports for companies.


Our assessment service in environmental communication makes all our client’s efforts regarding the improvement of their environmental performance more visible, attractive and with great communicative power.



  • Campaigns and communication strategies, online presence.
  • Graphic education and communication tools: website, posters, brochures.
  • Conferences and events under sustainability criteria.
  • Photographic archives, video documentaries, viral videos.


We advise on public participation to provide a tool that improves the resolution of environmental conflicts, training for co-responsibility and to practice participatory democracy.



  • Local Agenda 21, School Agenda 21.
  • Forums and city councils, children boards, participatory budgets.
  • Public mediation and participation, public information and consultation plans.
  • Digital participation: online surveys, citizen pulse websites.


The identification and assessment of impacts on the environment are essential to minimize the effects of any intervention with territorial conditions. Lmental has extensive experience in conducting studies and reports on this subject, adapted to current legislation.



  • Ordinary and simplified Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA).
  • Ordinary and simplified Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA).
  • Environmental sustainability reports and environmental studies.
  • Environmental monitoring plans and programs.
  • Environmental monitoring reports.


We advise companies, municipalities and other entities that wish to incorporate universal accessibility as a quality differentiator in their services or projects, through plans and/or accessibility management systems.



  • Assessment for adapting to specific regulations.
  • Design and implementation of accessibility plans.
  • Universal accessibility management systems and certification.
  • Accessibility projects for destinations and tourism enterprises.


We believe that tourism, as a key factor for development, has a clear impact on the environment and society. Based on this notion, Lmental offer solutions according to the principles of sustainability, accountability and participation.



  • Development and  tourism revitalization plans for destinations.
  • Agenda 21 for sustainable tourism.
  • Design and creation of sustainable tourism products.
  • Online marketing consultancy, benchmarking and positioning for destinations.
  • Assessment on energy efficiency, CSR and sustainable management for tourism businesses.
  • Implementation of certifications, labels and standards for sustainable tourism.


Our training and ongoing work in the consulting field has allowed us to accumulate a great deal of knowledge and experience. We offer training courses and seminars on different topics that allow us to divulge our expertise. 


  • Environmental, energy and waste management audits.
  • Environmental techniques and management systems.
  • Environmental regulations and public policy.
  • Cost savings through environmental improvement.
  • GIS and Information Technology.
  • Sustainable management of beaches and other areas.
  • Universal accessibility.


We incorporate a significant technological component to projects, taking advantage of new technologies (internet, geolocation, etc.). Proof of this are some of the technological tools we have developed and use continuously:

  • Comunica: a tool to manage users and customers for optimal communication (very useful for public participation, events and sending newsletters).
  • Dondelotiro: we are very proud of one of our most ambitious projects, the intelligent waste search engine that tells you where to sell, donate and recycle waste (nationwide and with more than 150 participating institutions).
  • Online surveys (an example): we have a digital tool to process and manage digital surveys.